At Sonder, we believe that everyone can derive immense benefits from engaging with a skilled therapist. 

No matter where you live, therapy can come to you. We proudly serve online therapy in over 42 states with flexible scheduling and convenient video sessions, as well as face-to-face sessions in Houston, TX. 

Our comprehensive range of services  encompasses individual therapy, couple's counseling, clinical supervision for pre-licensed clinicians, EDMR & trauma, as well as consultation.

We are dedicated to providing a holistic approach to mental well-being, catering to diverse needs and ensuring a supportive environment WHERE OUR PATIENTS FEEL SEEN in order TO NURTURE personal growth and healing.

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Telehealth sessions take place via a HIPAA-secure platform, very similar to Zoom or Facetime. Shortly before your session, a private link will be sent to your email or phone. At the scheduled time, all you need to do is click the link to enter our virtual therapy room. Additionally, you may download the Telehealth App by Simple Practice but this is not required. Sessions are 50 minutes and available weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly according to your needs and goals.

If you are seeking couples therapy but have a long-distance relationship, one of you travels, or you’re unable to be physically together, each of you can join sessions separately from wherever you are.
Online therapy is focused on providing you with the best care and most accessible support in ways that are most convenient for you.


All you need for online therapy sessions is a private space, a device with access to a camera and microphone, and a strong WIFI or hardwired internet connection. A laptop with a webcam, computer, tablet, or a cell phone work well. Some clients find a quiet office, break room, sit outside, or sit in their parked car if they are doing sessions during the workday. Some clients find having headphones helpful for therapy to increase privacy. It can be helpful to quit or close out open apps or tabs on your browser to increase internet connection. 

Is Online Therapy Effective

It makes sense to wonder if telehealth or online therapy will be as effective, comfortable, and impactful as in-person therapy. Many people might wonder if they would be missing out on certain aspects or benefits of therapy if they are utilizing virtual sessions. Research has shown throughout numerous studies that virtual therapy is equally as effective as face-to-face counseling in treating most mental health concerns. 
Many clients have found telehealth to be even more comfortable than in-person sessions due to being able to be at home or in a familiar and comfortable environment. Clients ofen describe feeling more at ease and able to open. If you’re still not sure if online therapy is right for you, please schedule a free consult call with me and we can explore if this format will be a fit for you or if we need to shift to in person to better meet your needs.

Online therapy can help you build a more connected and congruent life … all without sacrificing your busy schedule or your privacy.

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Sonder Psychotherapy and Wellness does not accept insurance, but will provide an itemized receipt called a Superbill for you to file for out-of-network benefits.

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A place for healing, growth, and feeling seen.