At Sonder, we believe that everyone can derive immense benefits from engaging with a therapist. 

Is life supposed to look like this? Is this how I’m supposed to feel? How many times have you asked yourself these questions, questioned why you are on this earth, questioned your existence? For me, the answer is that I have asked myself this countless times.

Most of my life I had people tell me who I was. What I was allowed to say, what I was allowed to feel, what my opinions should or should not be. I was expected to conform, to not take up space, to obey. I never felt like I belonged anywhere. I longed for it. I wanted to know myself. I wanted to be seen. So, I went to therapy.

My therapist helped me acknowledge the distorted mirror that had been held up in front of my face for so long by others. She helped me stop waiting for others to see me, to validate me, and guided me to my own gut-wrenchingly painful but oh so beautiful journey of self-exploration and healing.

I wish that I could say to you that I have always had a strong identity and sense of self, but the truth is that I needed someone to let me know that they saw me. That they understood me.

Have you ever felt seen? I mean really seen. Seen for everything you are. The rawness that comes with that. It makes us feel alive, it validates us, it permeates us with energy. Energy to engage, energy to connect, energy to contribute. I want to help you become a reflection of your highest self. I want to help you get to know you.I want to weather the storm of life with you, be there to see you in your most exquisite moments but also support you in your most broken.

I began my pursuit of a career as a psychologist at Texas Tech University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in psychology. I then attended the University of Louisville where I completed my Master’s degree in counseling psychology. I finalized my education at the University of Missouri- Columbia where I received my Doctorate (Ph.D.) in counseling psychology. Through so many years of experience and education, countless hours of research, and looking at the science of everything, I have found that the most crucial part of helping a person heal, is the therapeutic relationship. If we don’t like or trust someone, how in the world can we open up and allow someone to know us intimately enough to help facilitate our own healing?

I specialize in working with relationship concerns (romantic, friendship, family etc.) and have extensive training and expertise in working with trauma. I have obtained my certification as an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) therapist (a type of trauma healing therapy). I also enjoy working with anxiety, stress, depression, men's issues, substance use, grief, as well as other general concerns.

I believe that everyone is unique and there is not a one size fits all method of therapy. I tailor my work at Sonder to each individual and their needs and goals. Some concepts and theories that inform my work are attachment theory (childhood experiences effect how we see ourselves and others), trauma informed care, interpersonal, relational, and feminist theory (all components of our identities and environments we are in impact us).  

my commitment to you

"Every step I have taken in my life has brought me here; to being a psychologist. You can trust that I will sit with you, as a human sitting with another human (not some therapy robot), and express genuine empathy and compassion towards you and your story. We will take time to create a relationship that you can believe in, that you can depend on, and feel safe in. I want to spend my life empowering you, helping you feel inconceivably brave, unloading some of the pain you might have been carrying, watching you gain inner peace, and allowing yourself to be seen. It is my PRIVILEGE to be able to sit and listen to you to be your guide on this journey. "

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We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Dr. Aly Savala . We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with Dr. Aly